Penguin animation – Damage

The team debated on whether to represent damage through a blinking character like similar games, however, in the end, we thought an animation would be the best course of action. This animation I found was fairly simple to do, as it only required me to change around a sliding animation that I had done previously….

Animations – Polarbear

The polar bear proved to be the most difficult to both rig, weight and animate due to all of its individual parts. Due to it having multiple parts and a moving mouth, the model required more bones than usual. As you can see below, the model needed bones for the fingers, eyebrows and the mouth…

Seal – Hub anmation2

The animation for the seal proved fairly simple to achieve, a few bits of shuffling that repeated back on itself and the centre bone being inflated created the desired effect. 

Seal – HUB animation

Below is the entire rig for the seal character, this particular project ended up being simpler than the penguin rig, in the sense that the bones could be fairly simple. All I had to do for this particular project was to animate his stomach inflating and deflating, so weighing the perimeter of the stomach was…

Penguin – HUB animation

When the player starts the game they are given a choice between several characters with their own minigames. In order for that particular scene to not be completely still, I have made a few animations that will bring the characters more life. Below are a few examples of the animation playing, I created it so that…

Rigging – Penguin

The rigging process for this particular model proved to be simpler than I thought it would be. Due to the character’s simple form (no hands or fingers) I was able to place the bones in and weigh them with relative ease. I could have done this more fluidly with removing any unnecessary bones such as the…

Character creation – Polar Bear

Due to time constraints, we couldn’t make the polar bear a playable character, however, we did decide to still include him within the HUB as part of the scenery.   He has quite a simple design that doesn’t particularly follow the same rules as the rest of the characters, in that he has small eyes…

Character Creation – Seal part 2

I and the team concluded that the seal should have more character to him To relate him to the dangers of plastics, we have added a rubbish helmet as well as plastic wrapped around his neck. 

Character Creation – Seal

Below is the main concept for the seal character within out Living Coasts game I meant to follow the cartoonish style as before, however, I found this rather difficult with this character. In the end, I decided to move away from trying to create an adult seal and went into the direction of a very…

Character Creation – Penguin

In order to better resemble Living Coasts, the team decided it best to include a penguin as the main character. Below is the rough shape I decided the penguin to have, to appeal more to children, I thought it appropriate to give it a more cartoonish appearance. The large eyes and wider frame would appeal more…


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Game addiction research paper

  Video game addiction report According to the NHS website, “addiction is defined as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you”. (, 2017) This means that anything such as hard drugs, work or even games can prove to be addictive in some aspect….