Arduino designs – Clock design

To prepare for my first attempt at an Arduino, I decided to design out a cuckoo clock.

Below is my final design, which I was planning to print out piece by piece with a 3D printer. The whole design is based off southern French wine culture and is covered with grapes, vines and barrels.

For this particular project to work, I had to create a series of gears within the case that would be turned by the steppe motor. These gears would also have to be printed out.

The cuckoo that would appear out of the top balcony would be moved by a micro servo, as well as the other figurines that would appear. This would require more gearingScreen Shot 2017-06-08 at 08.23.26.png

The bottom half of the clock is mostly for show, however, I have been considering powering pendulum with a micro servo, for added aesthetic. Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 08.22.39.png

Despite me being rather spent on this idea, I had to ultimately abandon it due to difficulties printing out the actual clock. Without the casing, I couldn’t suitably house all of the gears and other mechanical parts without them collapsing.

Another small reason why I left this project is that it would have made quite an unnatural sound due to the micro servos, furthering my loss of motivation for this project.


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