Planning out the room

To start off the planning of the room I started off with basic walls as you can see above, I felt this process needed to be relatively low poly to start off with, I used this base to envision what items would likely be needed. Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 13.45.07.png

below is the room at a later date, as you can see I have decided to add in boarded floors to the scene, I considered making the floor an image, however, I liked the idea of the wood being uneven on the ground so I took a risk and went with the high poly version.

I also began playing around with bricks extruding from the walls, this technique has always been popular in creating a 3D effect to stone walls. The bricks didn’t take up too much space so I decided to keep the idea. Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 13.41.02.png


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