Research into Nikola Tesla

As research towards my retrofuturism essay I have decided to take a look at a paper written by David H. Childress, on ‘The fantastic inventions of Nikola Tesla’. This particular paper contains information on Teslas late and early patents, as well as his stranger inventions.

I have decided to study Tesla due to the amount of media outlets who use his technology as inspiration. Even now his designs and ideas are seen as futuristic and strange, a good example being his supposed death ray, which famously gave him his mad scientist look.

According to the paper, Tesla designed in his time; the electric submarine, a vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, the electro dynamic lamp, the bladeless turbine and an ozone generator. Most of these inventions didn’t get funded, potentially putting back technology decades.

I will be looking further into this subject to see how much Tesla’s technology effected modern life.

The paper  


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