Blade Runner – architecture

In my essay I will be doing a section on future predictions of architecture. A good example of retrofuturistic building designs can be found in the film, ‘Blade Runner’. This particular film would come under the sub genre titled, ‘cyberpunk’, and typical of all cyberpunk narratives, blade runner takes place in a large dense city.

The technology that is presented in this film is a big contributor to how the buildings are designed. The reason that cyberpunk comes under the umbrella of retrofuture is because of its crude designs in technology, almost representing current tech. An example for this technology is the hover cars, although a distant invention today, the genre doesn’t take into consideration the environmental changes that might happen from now to then. The cars would let out a thick burst of smoke on take off.

As you can see in the images below, the buildings within this city are huge however the more interesting thing is their flat, dull design and shape. From what we can see in current building trends, skyscrapers tend to have more complex designs in order to stand out, as well as some shine.

Building play a lot into the general feel of a narrative, if the viewer, listener or reader is presented with dull, run down, depressing buildings that dwarf the rest of the city, they will understand that they will reflect the story. 20110821-065708.jpg


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