Jobie Rolfe

5 Sherwell Rise south








I am a university student Studying under Plymouth University, but attend a local university centre at South Devon College. At the current time I attend a games and interactive media course full time.


I come from a family of strong artistic interest, so this encouraged me to follow more creative road, however I didn’t figure out what type of art I was interested in until I started an interactive media course in college. I have always had a slight interest in sketching and concept art, but I was more interested in clay modelling, especially towards the end of secondary school, however as I moved towards college I took up 3D modelling. I do consider myself a skilled modelling with both 3D and clay, especially when making faces and buildings. I also have decent knowledge on rigging and animating characters. With my time with the college and university, I have created hundreds of different models, varying from houses, busts and full characters.


My hobbies to tend to be more modelling based at the current time, so I think I could offer a lot in terms of interesting and/ or accurate models. I do prefer higher poly models to allow for more detail, however I can just as easily provide less straining models with accurate UV mapping. My strengths include but are not limited to; Patience, ability to meet deadlines on time or early, no easily stressed, punctuation and the ability to produce work at a high standard.



I keep most of my work on my blog, that can be accessed though this link:







0000-00 Plymouth University                                                       Grade : Pending

Games and interactive media

0000-00 South Devon College                                                    Grade: Distinction

Games and interactive media                                                  Merit



0000-00 Torquay Academy

Engish                                                                                Grade: C

Maths                                                                                  Grade: C

Art                                                                                       Grade: B

Music                                                                                  Grade: A

Science                                                                              Grade: C




Related experience

  • Throughout my entire time in college and university, I have been becoming familiar with a wide verity of useful software, these include but are not limited to; Zbrush, Maya, Blender, The Unreal Engine, Substance Painter, etc.
  • As well as becoming familiar with software, I have been constantly improving my skills with UV mapping, modelling and animating.
  • I have made countless animation cycles as well as models, both with a low polygon count with reserved detail, as well as ones with a high polygon count with accurate details.

Paid Employment



0000-00             Shop assistant, sports Direct


  • Responsibilities: Assistant, general upkeep of the shop, till staff, cleaning
  • Here’s another responsibility.
  • Here’s another. I was really responsible for a lot of stuff.







Available upon request.





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