Borg project

To keep up my 3d modelling skills, I have decided to work on a different project that will contribute to my digital artefacts assignment. I wanted to experiment making a model using different programs, then seeing what programs were useful for making specific parts. I have decided to create a Borg from the series Star Trek, seeing as though these beings are cyborgs, there is an opportunity to create the main body in Zbrush, and the cybernetics in blender.

For this particular project I made use of mainly the clay build-up tool as well as the move tool to get the basic shape, the facial details were made mostly my the dmstandard brush. Later I might implement the use of alphas to bring the skin to life a bit.

At the moment I have only started on the main head without anything else present. Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.51.36.png


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