Self reflection

Over the past 3 months I have noticed changes in my; skills, attitude, timekeeping, etc. When I started the course I found myself not taking notes or sketches that could be used for future projects, recently however I have started planning and preparing work in my own notebook. This has turned out to be worth the effort and I have found myself more organised and ready for work.

My timekeeping skills have not improved drastically over the past few months, however I do find myself less distracted when I do my work.

My creative skills have definitely improved, I am often using some sort of 3D software to hone my skills and can create models quicker and with more detail.  I have also been making advances in my rigging and animation skills, although slowly. I feel I should have a grasp on what to do fully quite soon.

Since the course started I think I have been most successful with Zbrush, I have been practicing constantly at home and at uni, so I should at least be adept at the program by midyear.

My skills in programs such as Blender haven’t advanced too much as I have not been actively using it as much as I used to. I managed not to forget any of my previous skills in the program, however I should make it a task to keep on practicing through the new year.

Procrastination is the biggest thing I should work on, each time I find myself working at home I seem to give in to the temptation of going on games or Youtube. I have managed to gain a little bit of self discipline by a variety of techniques, however it is still a thing I should work on.



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