Development Plan

Personal development plan:

Where am I now?

I am at my first year on my foundation degree at university. Beforehand I studied for 2 years on a game and interactive design course in college.

Where do I want to be?

Ideally I would like to own or be part of a business in which I can use my skills as a 3D modeller and animator to earn a living.

How do I get there?

Short term:

To learn the tools and functions of all the necessary software.

Become familiar with UV mapping

Gather the necessary equipment

Medium – term

Make a habbit of taking notes and sketching things that interest me

Work on modelling and slowly gather new techniques

Learn and become proficiant at UV mapping models

Learn how to set up a scene in order to present work

Long term

Become proficiant in a wide variety of software

Become skilled at sketching

Build an impressive portfolio to present to employers

SWOT analysis

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 13.02.50


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